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Guangzhou AUKTE was established in 2013. Its main business includes corporate IT asset recovery, providing electronic product recovery solutions for China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. We have a professional production line that can provide refurbishment and repair of second-hand laptops, and then export and wholesale them to the world.

We can provide government agencies, organizations and enterprises with secure IT asset disposal, traceable data destruction, and a complete IT equipment resale system

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Office hours: 10:00AM-18:00PM Monday thru Saturday Business: laptops recycling / Second-hand phone wholesale / Wholesale export Contact Aukte·Guangzhou

Guangzhou warehouse

Here AUKTE has a professional IT equipment quality inspection center. All second-hand equipment ready for export and wholesale will receive comprehensive hardware inspection and testing here. Second-hand laptops and other equipment have been refurbished to meet AUKTE's export standards and can achieve A-level appearance. Guangzhou warehouse provides refurbished second-hand notebook wholesale and second-hand mobile phone wholesale business.

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