Refurbished used laptop wholesale

Liu Tao

From April 2013, Aukte had launched the service of renovating electronic devices to elevate the quality of used electronic devices. The service includes multiple processes, such as renovating the shells, cleansing and disinfecting the IT hardwares, the internal fans and all connectors, renewal of the thermal conductive silicones, the logo stickers and even the shells(for some models). We have strict tests for the hardwares, such as data destruction, scanning of bad sectors, LED screens cleansing and screen protectors renewal, keyboard tests, and recharging and discharging of batteries.

*Cleansing and disinfecting the IT devices *Comparison of shells after renewal *Comparison of keyboards and touch panels after renewal *Renewal of logo stickers and palm rest *Renewal of logo *Recharging and discharging tests of batteries

Second-hand computer refurbishment

Refurbishment of used equipment

Detection test


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