Used Laptop Wholesale
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•Quality management system:
All used laptops from recycling to refurbishment and wholesale sales are in line with ISO-14001 environmental certification and ISO-27001 information security certification [GRADE CLASSIFICATION] [DELIVERY STANDARD]

•Global IT asset wholesale:
Headquartered in Beijing, China, AUKTE has established second-hand electronics disposal centers and offices in major cities around the world such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kobe (Japan), Sharjah (Dubai) and Toronto (Canada).

Second-hand desktop computer wholesale
Wholesale for Used Server/AIO/Desktop
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•High-quality and stable sources:
Aukte has regular recycle contracts with multiple national cloud computing centers and IDC rooms. Up to tens of thousands of servers flow into Aukte each quarter.

•Pollution-free disassembly and sales:
According to the environmental protection laws of the local country, some low-configuration computers will be environmentally disassembled, and the equipment that can be reused will be fully tested and refurbished. AUKTE is a wholesale supplier of high-quality second-hand laptops you can trust
Other wholesale
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•370 millions of mobile-phones are discarded every year in China:
According to 2017 China Electronic Products Investigation Data, 370 millions of mobile-phones are discarded every year in China, only a tiny portion of which are recycled properly. Most of those phones are thrown away without any disposal. Aukte recycles discarded phones regularly, screening out the usable ones with high configuration and resell them after tests.

•Considerable market for office devices
From 2018, the increasing of newly-found companies, especially those small enterprises in second and third tier cities, has given rise to the need of second-hand office devices because these devices has better cost performance.

•Efficient Team:
AUKTE has more than 13 years of experience in second-hand recycling and is a second-hand wholesale distributor you can trust.