recycling laptop

Consumer electronics recycling
Laptop | Phone | Desktop | Tablet | All-in-one

•Maximize the value of idle IT assets:
AUKTE cooperates with major OEM manufacturers to recycle a large number of related notebook computers, and establish recycling centers in major cities such as China, Japan, the United States, Europe, etc., to inspect, test and refurbish recycling equipment

•Data destruction
Data destruction fully complies with the international ISO-27001 information security certification

•Efficient operation team:
We have set up recycling offices in major cities such as China and Asia, where we can quickly arrange recycling personnel for IT equipment recycling.

Global IT asset disposal
Server | Hard Disk | Memory | Printer | Projector

•Data center IT equipment disposal:
AUKTE cooperates with large data centers in many cities around the world to recycle and dispose of the servers in these data centers, and can clear related sensitive data in accordance with the ISO-27001 information security standard, and provide traceable IT equipment recycling.

•Refurbishment of IT assets:
Perform comprehensive hardware testing and maintenance of enterprise desktop computers and laptop computers to meet AUKTE's resale standards

•ITAD management:
Customize IT asset management programs for your company, and finely manage all IT equipment of the company.