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AUKTE Dubai/Sharjah | 迪拜/沙迦

The wholesale volume of AUKTE's second-hand electronic products in the Middle East has been increasing year by year. As of 2019, the Middle East market has become AUKTE's second largest foreign trade market.
In 2020, we established the first operational warehouse in Sharjah, Middle East. The main business is: second-hand laptops, second-hand mobile phones, servers, monitors, mainframes and other IT equipment wholesale.

Contact information
Office hours: 09:30AM-22:00PM Monday thru Saturday Business: Second-hand laptop/monitor/server/mobile phone/wholesale Contact Aukte·Sharjah

Dubai/Sharjah warehouse

In the warehouse in Sharjah, we process and recycle IT equipment from the entire United Arab Emirates, and also accept second-hand IT equipment from other AUKTE warehouses, such as AUKT Japan warehouse, AUKTE China warehouse, AUKTE American warehouse, and some high-quality second-hand IT equipment transportation So far, then unified wholesale sales, Every month, we wholesale more than 8,000 laptops and tens of thousands of hardware such as memory and hard drives in the Sharjah warehouse. [View video]

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